Nursery garden: seedlings, plants from the ground, P9, fruit bushes, young grafted conifers, deciduous bushes, climbers Poland

seedlings P9 01
seedlings P9 01
seedlings P9 01

The nursery established in 2011 with the intention of producing deciduous and coniferous youth is a continuation of family traditions. We run the nursery on an area of ​​10 hectares, of which 3 hectares are container crops, and the rest are ground nurseries for ornamental trees and shrubs and nurseries. The nursery is located in the nursery basin in the commune of Console, 2 hours roads from the border with Ukraine and Belarus.

We offer young people of the highest quality in P9 containers. It is a product intended for further production, provided with an appropriate substrate with a starting dose of fertilizer.

We offer:
- young decorative material in P9 containers for further production,
- young fruit material in P9 containers for further production, including blueberries, Kamchatka berries, cranberries, gooseberries, currants and actinidias
- adult coniferous and deciduous material from the ground (pines, spruces, thujas and avenue trees). - rooted cuttings in multiplates - only on request. We accept orders by the end of June each year.

90% of seedlings in P9 containers come from our own production. We buy some of the plants, mainly licensed varieties, from Dutch nurseries, the Dutch nursery Kortmann miniplant b.v. From year to year, we increase production and introduce new varieties. The owner of the nursery is a member of the Polish Nurserymen Association.

 The new offer

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Each year we introduce numerous new products into our offer, among others new varieties of hydrangea, hederas, pieris, viburnum and many others.

 seedlings P9

seedlings P9 13 seedlings P9 14 seedlings P9 15 seedlings P9 16 seedlings P9 17 seedlings P9 18 seedlings P9 19 seedlings P9 20 seedlings P9 23 seedlings P9 24

 Nursery garden

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